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    Anal, rectal and colon surgery with Chinese medicine in China's top public hospitals for less than $5,000 






    We help you get rid of anorectal disease for the rest of your life

    The Chinese doctors, nurses and paramedics are friendly, professional and affordable.

    Anorectal treatment, comprising surgical and non-surgical treatment for anal, rectal and colon ailments, has a long history in China. With the world's largest population, Chinese surgeons are very experienced in this profession. A chief surgeon can perform more than 300 operations every year. Their treatment combines both traditional Chinese medicine and modern surgical skills that is proven to be highly reliable.

    The founder of Ano MediConsulting has personally received a comprehensive treatment for a high and complex anal fistula, or fistula-in-ano, which included a two stage operation and special nursing, in one of the top hospitals in Shanghai, the largest metropolis of China. The treatment was a great success and there will be no need to worry about the fistula in the rest of his life.

    During his hospitalization, the founder decided to initiate this program to help people from different countries where conservative treatment for anorectal disease is preferred by its medical community. The ailments that are covered in this program include hemorrhoids, anal abscess and fistula, anal fissure, anal warts, constipation, colitis, etc.

    By joining this program, patients pay a package fee and receive everything needed for a radical or curative treatment in China, which include total medical expenses, accommodation (apartment), local transportation, translation and interpretation, domiciliary paramedics, basic diets (western or Chinese foods, as suggested by your physician) and daily necessities, and most importantly, consultation and assistance from a wardmate.


    that the anal and rectal departments of Chinese medicine are especially good at

    • Hemorrhoids

    Swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum

    • Anal Abscess and Fistula

    An infected cavity near the anus or rectum

    • Anal Fissure

    A small rip or tear in the lining of the anal canal

    • Anal Warts

    Affect the area around and inside the anus

    • Constipation

    Difficult passage of stools for several weeks

    • Colitis

    Includes many bowel diseases


    An easy journey to kick away an uneasy suffering


    Contact us with your medical records

    diagnosis, MRI; pictures & texts by yourself, etc.


    We translate and submit your records to a physician

    for condition and cost estimate, and an invitation letter if necessary


    Warm reception & quick appointment, interpreted

    enjoy the Chinese hospitality & efficiency

    Operation & Hospitalization

    Usually takes 7 days for hospitalization

    at one of China's top public hospitals

    Post-operative nursing & prognosis

    It's crucial to a complete recovery of anal disease

    accommodation, transportation, diets, paramedics, etc.

    Recovery & Return

    Short trips for cultural appreciation & local foods before your return

    your disease goes away and never to return, but you may


    Preventative measures, self-diagnosis, medical experience, and more...

    The history of anorectal treatment in China can be traced back to 2,500 years ago. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) had developed a system of therapeutic theories and techniques for anal and rectal disease long before modern medicine came into being. For instance, 'cutting seton' and 'loose...
    China's health insurance is not open to foreigners with a tourist visa. However, the medical and living costs are relatively affordable, compared with that of the developed world. MEDICAL: For the most severe and complicate anorectal diseases, such as high and complex anal fistula, the total...
    Hemorrhoids: External ones are touchable and visible, and painless unless becoming thrombosed. Internal ones can cause painless bleeding, and are usually invisible but can cause sudden and severe pain if they prolapsed. Anal abscess: The patient will feel sudden and extremely severe pain around...
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    Things you need to know before we take you to a doctor

    Visa & Travel

    Destination: Shanghai Pudong Airport

    A tourist visa should be enough for patients from most countries / regions. We can also help you apply for a medical visa by mailing an invitation letter to you in some cases. Copy the flight information to us when you have booked the plane and we will be at the airport to pick you up and drive you to our apartment. You can come alone or be accompanied by a family member.

    Payment & Contract

    PayPal, Western Union, credit cards, etc.

    You don't need to pay before you arrive, discuss with a doctor, and decide to receive the treatment. When you and us reach an agreement, we will sign a service contract together, including the conditions, treatment, living assistance, package fee, payment, disclaimers, etc. We accept most international payment methods, and you can pay in USD, Euro, and other currencies.

    Operation & Hospitalization

    Most anal diseases need a surgical operation

    The operation will be done in an operating room under general anesthesia or with local anesthetic. Then you will take seven days staying in hospital for further treatment and nursing, in most cases. The medical team will closely monitor your condition, and we will provide everything you need like diets and necessities. Our interpreter will be with you throughout the procedures.

    Pain & Nursing

    It's a bit painful, but better now than late

    Anorectal treatment can cause short-term pain, which is similar to that of a woman giving birth. The nurse will provide you painkillers and traditional herbal liquids that can ease the pain and speed up the recovery during hospitalization, and the paramedic will try her best to make you feel better. After every stool, the paramedic will help you clean the anus to prevent infection.

    Post-operative care

    Usually takes one month or more staying in China for further nursing & prognosis

    Post-operative nursing & prognosis are crucial to a complete recovery of anorectal diseases which means keep them from relapsing and prevent postoperative complications. You will have to stay in China for 1 month or more as the physician instructs. Accommodation (apartment), transportation, diets, paramedics, interpreters and more are included in the package. Our service will help you enjoy a better care and life.


    Experience the heart of the Oriental and get cured

    1 or 2 months are too long? Why not spend your days for a better purpose. Here at the heart of the east, you can try and touch what you once got to know from TV or pictorials, and even more. When you getting better and being able to walk with vigorous strides, we will take you out for some cultural visits as well as some local restaurants. We hope this experience will leave you with good memories before you go home.


    A brief description on your condition and any questions about the program

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